First Look: Robb Report Debuts Cruz Del Sol Tequila

Robb Report Cruz Del Sol Tequila

The global luxury source has spoken. This year, Cruz del Sol Tequila debuts on the Robb Report’s 2012 Holiday Host’s Guide. From the beginning: “...this unique tequila produced by three Arizona State University graduates who decided that, rather than continuing their search for the perfect tequila, they would travel to Jalisco and make their own.” Today, this debut marks a significant milestone for the 16-time award-winning family of ultra-premium spirits, created for Hosts with impeccable taste. 

The Rise of Scottsdale's Award-Winning Cruz Tequila

Scottsdale living magazine Cruz Tequila

This fall, writer Neal Davis spent time with Todd
Nelson the vice
president of Cruz
Tequila to learn:
why the three
principals started
the company;
which keys to success have been the most important; and what the future holds. Read the full feature here

Shaken Not Stirred

Cruz Tequila margarita competition

The theme: shaken, not stirred.  The mission: eight Mixologists from around the state competed in the 2012 Cruz Tequila Margarita Challenge which was held Wednesday, October 24. As a precursor to the Phoenix Tequila Fest happening December 15 and 16 at U.S. Airways, the Mixologists shook, poured, and served their impressive cocktails to the audience and industry representatives at the well-attended competition. Photo credits: Food & Flourish Magazine

Iconic Brand

KNST Cruz Tequila interview

This summer, Tucson’s 97.1 FM’s ‘On The Menu’ crew interviewed Todd Ellinwood, CRUZ Tequila’s National Brand Manager, about the award-winning spirit, their proprietary distillation process, and the iconic brand.  During the Southern Arizona Salsa and Tequila Challenge interview, Ellinwood also dispelled myths and extended an invitation to 97.1 FM listeners to join in the conversation with CRUZ Tequila on Facebook, Twitter, and at to discover the latest recipes, news, and calendar of events.   Listen to the entire interview here

Highland Character

Cruz Tequila silver review Highland agave

Reviews from western Canada for CRUZ Tequila Silver, highlight authentic character.  Chip Dykstra’s spirited evaluation and new, original recipe ‘Free Fall In Crimson’ highlight the character displayed upon the palate. “…beginning softly with an initial agave sweetness [together with] warm citrus flavors of lemon and orange. There is an almost tender quality to the agave…  View the recipe and more here

Giving Back

Tucson Citizen Cruz Tequila festival

In August, CRUZ Tequila joined Southern Arizona Salsa and Tequila Challenge, presented by Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance (SAACA) and the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, to celebrate Hispanic heritage in the Southwest.  With event proceeds benefiting the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona and SAACA’s community along with educational arts programs, it was a delicious opportunity to give back.  Learn more here 

Colorado Chefs Cook With CRUZ Tequila

Colorado Beverage Analyst Cruz Tequila cooking with

In July, ‘The Beverage Analyst’ went behind the scenes to feature CRUZ Tequila’s work with recognized Chef & Sommelier Thomas Lee of The Kitchen Table located in Colorado.  Chef Lee, Chef Atkinson, and Chef Wilkie gathered at The Kitchen Table to create original CRUZ Tequila inspired recipes that included remarkable appetizers, salads, entrees, and desserts.  Learn more here

Margarita Primer

Phoenix Magazine Cruz Tequila

Phoenix Magazine's Harmony Huskinson turns the spotlight on CRUZ Tequila's Reposado, in the Margarita-Making Primer.

Food & Flourish Gets Social With CRUZ Tequila

Cruz Tequila Food and Flourish

Food & Flourish remains dedicated to all things culinary and checks in with CRUZ Tequila leadership at Tempe’s Tequilazona celebration. 

Spirited Review

Rum Runner Cruz Tequila spirited review

From Alberta, Canada Chip Dykstra’s review of CRUZ Tequila reveals “…a spirit which shows not only character, but also balance and complexity.”  Learn more and view his new CRUZ Tequila cocktail ‘The Lonely Silver Rain’ here

Eco-Friendly Parties

Eco Friendly Cruz Tequila Party

Eco Friendly Party™ Founder Monica Sanchez teamed up with CRUZ Tequila because they have been using eco-friendly materials & packaging for their award-winning spirits since 2008.

In addition, CRUZ Tequila works with farmers using sustainable practices and their spirits are created using 100% Blue Weber agave.

See recipes here

CRUZ Tequila Debuts in Time Square

 Cruz Tequila in Time Square New York

On May 1st, CRUZ Tequila debuted in the heart of Times Square on the 22 stories tall Reuters sign. At a location that welcomes 1.5 million people a day, CRUZ Tequila leaders dispelled seven tequila myths before Cinco de Mayo celebrations began. Learn more here.

America's Wildest Margaritas

Cruz Tequila in Forbes magazine

CRUZ Tequila’s Reposado is La Mission’s secret ingredient in the Aguacate Margarita that is featured on site.  Further validation that avocado isn’t just for guacamole and CRUZ Tequila’s Reposado is incredibly smooth.

Tequila Tasting Party

Cruz Tequila tasting with Lets Party Magazine

CRUZ Tequila’s Todd Ellinwood discusses the misunderstood spirit with Lori Archibald, Executive Editor at Let’s Party Magazine and adds a little tasting how-to.  View more detail and learn how tequila is actually a spirit full of taste and refinement here.

Highland Blanco Tequila Award Captured

Cruz Tequila best of the best award

The Best of The Best Highland Blanco is added on top of 12 other industry awards captured by CRUZ Tequila and sets the stage for more honors in 2012.   With over 100 brands submitting 277 products to’s highly respected tasting competition, the "Spirit of Mexico" is officially the largest tasting in the United States. Learn more here

In Good Taste

Cruz Tequila on Fox 10 news Todd Ellinwood

FOX 10’s Cory McCloskey previews the ‘Taste of Cave Creek’ at Stagecoach Village and Cruz Tequila’s National Brand Manager, Todd Ellinwood is on-site for the ultra premium spirits return to this popular, delicious celebration. Select the logo above to see full coverage from FOX 10 television. Photo credit: Virginia Prostor

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cruz Tequila at the Womens expo

With over 21,000 women in attendance, local celebrity Mixologists, along with Partners from Trinchero Family Estates, provided demonstrations and joined CRUZ Tequila on stage, at this year’s ‘Women’s Expo’ in Phoenix, Arizona. 

Coast to Coast

Valley radio
personalities Tim
and Willy, along
with Andrea Hil and sat down with Cruz Tequila’s Todd
Ellinwood to find
out how the group is redefining ultra-
premium tequila
from coast to coast.
Select the photo to the right and listen to the entire interview 

Escape to Paradise

ABC News Cruz Tequila cocktails

Mixologist & Spirit Guide, Travis Nass creates an irresistible summer cocktail with CRUZ Tequila Silver and for ABC’s television audience. Select the logo above to see full coverage from The Hermosa Inn’s luxury hotel in Paradise Valley. Click the image above to watch.

Trinchero Enters Spirits with Cruz Tequila

Shaken News Daily Cruz Tequila 

Napa’s Trinchero Family Estates is joining the growing ranks of wine marketers opting to enter the spirits industry, announcing the addition of Cruz Tequila to its portfolio.Trinchero has formed a dedicated spirits unit, TNS Brands, to roll out Cruz’s 100%-agave Silver ($44.99 a 750-ml.) and Reposado ($52.99) variants beginning in early August. More Trinchero spirits launches will likely follow, the company told Shanken News Daily. Learn more here.

Date Night

KTAR Cruz Tequila

Each Friday, Karie Dozer & Chuck Powell review date night options and during the week of Cinco de Mayo, CRUZ Tequila entered into the conversation. With plans to spend Cinco at Los Dos Malinos, the two hosts discussed plans and the goal of enjoying CRUZ Tequila with a little lime drizzled over the top. 

Lucky Number Thirty Seven

Cruz Tequila cinco de mayo partners

Cinco de Mayo features and tastings from CRUZ Tequila took place at 37 locations across Arizona this year including:  Black Chile in Phoenix, Antars along with Chronic Cantina in Tempe, Tonic in Chandler, Los Dos Molinos/Mesa, Total Wine, BevMo!, Costco plus 29 other venues.  The results:  record breaking sales for the growing, award-winning spirits company. 

Mixing Up Cocktails With Fox News

Fox News Cruz Tequila award winning Margarita Phoenix, Arizona

Richie Moe, from Scottsdale Citizen Public House, takes CRUZ Tequila’s award-winning sprits into the FOX News studios to mix up his favorite cocktails before the holidays and the Tequila Festival.  Select the logo above to see the results.

Redefining Ultra Premium Tequila

Cruz Tequila on Dave Pratt Live radio show

Dave Pratt of X103.9 radio interviews CRUZ Tequila’s President, Pep Katcher and Arizona Market Manager Todd Ellinwood on his morning show to learn more about how CRUZ Tequila is redefining the ultra premium tequila market.  Learn more here

Chef Joe Daignaeult and Andi Barness team up to create the perfect Margarita with CRUZ Tequila

ABC interview with Cruz Tequila

Select the logo above to see the full interview with Chef Joe Daignaeult and Andi Barness

Tequila Popularity

NPR Cruz Tequila feature

From NPR’s America Desk, Al Macias has the story about this "gift from the gods". Cruz Tequila's interview with Todd Nelson of Cruz Tequila

Experience Tequila Beyond the Shots

USA TODAY Cruz Tequila article

The two-day festival at US Airways Center will give adults the chance to savor more than 50 types of tequila…"We want people to overcome that stereotype and make up their own minds about what they think of tequila. The spirit has come so far in just the last 20 years, and there is something out there any person can enjoy, " said Todd Ellinwood, Arizona marketing manager for Valley brand Cruz Tequila.  View more details here

Celebrated Margarita Challenge

Cruz Tequila AZ Weekly article

Sample the 2011 Phoenix Tequila Fest Margarita Champion at the Cruz Tequila Margarita Challenge Booth.  This award-winning cocktail will be selected from the Valley’s top bartenders and mixologists entries and judged by the Phoenix Tequila Fest’s panel of culinary and celebrity judges.  Read more here

What's A Reposado?

Cruz Tequila Reposado Article in Downtown Phoenix Journal Arizona

Master Tequila distillers show you the difference in flavors between the varietals of añejo, reposado and blanco tequila.  Others learn how tequila is made from the blue agave plant and discover how it is grown, harvested, roasted, fermented, distilled and aged in fine wood barrels to create the various expressions.  View more detail here

New Times Best Of Award

Best Tequila 2011: CRUZ Tequila

New Times Best Tequila, cruz tequila

In the editorial groups words, “ASU has a reputation for being a party school, but the three ASU alumni who own Cruz Tequila have created a refined sipping tequila that leaves Jose firmly in the collegiate past.”  Read more about the CRUZ Tequila’s 12th award received here.

The Briefing: CHEERS!

Food & Flourish Magazine Summer 2011

Food and Flourish Cruz Tequila

The successful Cheers! Wine and Liquor Tasting event was held at Mastro’s City Hall Steakhouse in Scottsdale this year, with Food & Flourish editors in attendance.  As reported, the event featured: Cruz Tequila, Squana, and Cape of Good Hope among other community-minded company’s. The event helped raise money to support the Golden Gate Community Center, which provides children and families in need, with services and programs.

The 2011 CruzCruise Taco Crawl

CruzCruise Cruz Tequila taco crawl Yelp Arizona

Still recovering from your food coma from last year's Arizona Taco Festival? Believe it or not, this year's Fest is right around the corner and we've got a great way to burn some calories before you consume twice as many at the Taco Festival!  Learn more about the CRUZ Tequila event sponsored by Yelp here.

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Ya Snooze, You CRUZ

CruzCruise bike crawl Arizona Eateraz

This bike was probably stolen. Not by us, not from us, and definitely not for us. Well, kinda for us. About a monthago, we went for lunch with Todd Ellinwood from Cruz Tequila and Lindsey Fosse from Yelp. While chowin’ on tacos at Cien Agaves, we decided to organize an event that would be good for Cruz Tequila – one of our best locally owned tequilas, Yelp – you know, that user-review website that’s killed traditional media as we know it, and the Arizona Taco Festival, otherwise known as world peace.  Read the entire “look out’ here

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Wide Brimmed Hats

New Times/Fall 2011

Newtimes phoenix Best of Tequila

Itchin' for an excuse to pull that bicycle out of storage and get some extra wear out of your Cinco de Mayo muyloco party hat? Saddle up and get ready to ride through the streets of Scottsdale, writes Laura Hahnefeld.

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Ultimate Mexican Food Guide & Tequila primer

Phoenix Magazine/Summer 2011Cruz Tequila feature in Phoenix Magazine

Brothers Pep and Saulo Katcher; along with partner Todd Nelson, first brought an ultra-premium reposado to the market in an eco-friendly recycled package that’s as gorgeous to behold as the tequila is smooth. Now CRUZ produces a fine silver (blanco) tequila, too, and it’s racking up awards just as fast as the reposado, reports Gwen Ashley Walters.

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Prickly Pear Ranch Turns Spotlight On Margaritas

Prickly Pear ranch Cruz Tequila margarita recipe Prickly Pear Ranch Editors
The award-winning Prickly Pear RanchTM, features two recognized CRUZ Tequila recipes: CRUZ Citrus Margarita

along with the CRUZ Prickly Pear Margarita, before summer’s record temperaturesarrive. LearnmoreaboutthePêra Prickly Pear Syrup Drink Mixer, the key ingredient in the winning Margarita recipe at Agave on the Rocks Event here.

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Beat the Heat Arizona WinterFest Gives Back

Arizona Republic/Summer 2011

AZ Republic Cruz Tequila article

This year Kellie Hwang reports for the Arizona Republic that more than 25 breweries will be on site and new this year, will be tastings from wine kegs with fine wines along with award-winning spirits.   Regarding the spirits,

representatives on hand, including Arizona’s Cruz tequila, who will create beer cocktails for guests to try.

Hundreds of attendees will also help the community, since twenty-five percent of the gross profit will benefit ‘Every Kid Counts’, a Scottsdale-based charity that provides educational, philanthropic, and athletic programs for young


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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo With Arizona Tequila

East Valley Tribune/May 2011

East Valley Tribune Cruz Tequila

Founded by three Arizona State grads (two of whom were born in Mexico), Cruz’s silver and reposadotequilas have each won honors at international spirits competitions. So has their eye-catching package design, reports Mandy Zajac.  Further, the spirit is delivered in a blown-glass bottle and hand-polished aluminum cap along with a cross, all made from 100-percent recycled materials.

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Tequila Guide 2011

The Arizona Republic April 2011

Cruz Tequila Arizona Republic

With Cinco de Mayo coming up, tequila will be in high demand.  In order to prepare their readers for this historicholiday, Kellie Hwang with The Arizona Republic takes a look at upscale tequila brands that are earning positive reviews.  The short list of candidates boast 100 percent blue agave, distinctive flavor profiles with a smooth, “burn-free” taste that features the award-winning Cruz Tequila Silver.  [View PDF]

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Tequila Connection Admires Winning Combination

February 2011

Tequila connection Cruz Tequila

Cruz Del Sol Reposado and Silver receive winning reviews that include the respective notes from the Tequila

Connection panel: “…we experienced a light agave aroma with floral notes flavors of vanilla and caramel that had a soft and warm finish.”  Next, the Silver delivered “… subtle agave aroma with floral and citrus

hints that had a medium finish.”  From a visual and eco perspective, the panel admired the design of the bottle and were pleased to learn it is made of recycled materials.


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A Well Crafted Cocktail, A Well Crafted Life

Portland Craft Cocktails March 2011

Portland Craft Cocktails Cruz Tequila margarita

With the goal of expanding minds, palates, and opinions in the craft cocktail world and beyond, the Portland Craft Cocktails group has strategically added Cruz Tequila Silver to their liquor cabinet.  The group wants their readers to be knowledgeable and confident when making their purchasing decision


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Agave Madness

Java Magazine Winter 2011

Cruz Tequila Java magazine

As the new year arrives, JAVA’s feature by Mark Fink reminds us that the growing popularity of tequila has helped ebb the fear of the spirit in the hearts of many and also highlights the success at Cruz Tequila.  Excerpts include: After the boys [at Cruz Tequila] achieved their goal of year-over-year growth of 305 percent, the “Cruzaders” are sitting pretty it would seem, and that’s not even considering that they have garnered nine international spirits awards over the last three years.  See the entire feature here [View PDF]

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JETSET Delivers Cruz Tequila's Classic Drink to World Travelers

January 2011

Jetset feature for Cruz Tequila

In ‘The Big Chill Issue’ by JETSET Magazine, Cruz Tequila’s award winning drink warms up in the best of the best global golf destinations feature for those who prefer green over white in 2011. For the full details on how to create the ‘Cruzcumber’ Margarita, check out the January issue which can be found in more than 1,000 locations across the United States.  Or join Jetset’s captive, vitual audience which includes, today’s wealthy consumers that are determined to stay abreast of emerging trends in areas that matter to them. [View PDF]

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Silver Tequila Gift Set Passes Smoothness Test

Hooters Magazine Fall/Winter 2010Hooters Cruz Tequila article

The fall edition presents, Mike Conrad’s glowing review of Cruz Tequila Silver, destined to reach over 400,000 of Hooters global readership before the holidays.  The message: Cruz Del Sol Silver Tequila in your recipe delivers a nice smooth cocktail. See more of his review at this link:  [View PDF]

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And The Winner Is: Cruz Tequila’s Cucumber Margarita

New Times December 2010New Times best of Cruz Tequila

Cruz Tequila has numerous cocktail recipes for its 100 percent blue agave tequilas, for our discerning tastes, though, nothing comes close to the Cruz Cucumber Margarita. Muddle two ounces of Cruz blanco with one squeezed lime, two cucumber wheels, and one ounce of agave nectar. Shake with ice, add a splash of water, and serve over ice. If you've mixed it right, the resultant beverage will taste like plunging head-first into a blue agave waterfall. Drink responsibly, and save one for us.[View PDF]

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Gift Giving Simplified

Phoenix Magazine Winter 2010Phoenix Magazine Buyers gift Guide with Cruz Tequila

The award-winning gifts for the person who has everything: CRUZ Tequila’s family of premium spirits. Proprietary filtering yields a soft refined finish, according to the judges from the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.  Learn more about these popular holiday gifts here [View PDF]

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How To Host A Successful Tequila Tasting

Let’s Party Magazine Fall/Winter 2010Lets Party Magazine feature with Cruz Tequila

A far cry from salted shots chased by lime, today's artisan tequilas are meant to be savored.  Cruz Tequila’s Todd Ellinwood dispels some myths about the misunderstood spirit with a little tasting how-to, and shows readers that - far from frat party fare, tequila is actually a spirit full of taste and refinement.  Read more of Tracy Werner’s article about how to host a tequila tasting here:[View PDF]

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Chef Joe Daignaeult’s recipe for the perfect Margarita

By: Denise Naughton September 28, 2010

Fall will be here before you know it and it's time to get started working on some of those delicious recipes to keep you warm on our cool evenings.

Mad Coyote Joe shares his recipes for a Green Chile Stew that can be washed down with his Perfect Margarita. Sit back and enjoy both of these on the patio after a long day.

The Perfect Margarita
2 oz Cruz Tequila
3/4 oz agave nectar
1 oz fresh squeezed Key lime juice Cruz Tequila on Sonoran living ABC Arizona
Shake with ice
Add a splash of bottled water
Serve over ice

To view the full article go here


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Ultra Premium Spirits Showcased In Viewers Choice Awards

Fox Business News September 2010

Host Dave Elger and HotMixology expert mixologists bring CRUZ fox news Cruz TequilaTequila’s portfolio into the bar during this year’s ‘Viewers Choice’ awards. During this special, the HotMixology group invites their viewers to pull up a stool and get ready to shake up great cocktails. Their goal: highlighting the best spirits as they show the audience how to create the perfect concoctions for any occasion.

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The Company That Is Redefining Premium Tequila

AZ Sports & Lifestyle Summer 2010AZ Sports Cruz Tequila

When you say the word “tequila” what comes to mind? Your favorite mixed drink? A single shot? A great time with friends? One Scottsdale based company is redefining what it means to make exceptional tequila and is aiming to have their consumers and fans think “The Best”. See Lynette Carrington’s feature here: [View PDF]

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Viva Las Vegas For A Good Cause

So Scottsdale! July 2010

SoscottsdaleazCruzTequilaThis summer So Scottsdale! Magazine covered the Viva Las Vegas semi-formal event at City Center, where hundreds of attendees and CRUZ Tequila gathered for a good cause. This annual event raises funding for the Valley of the Sun Active 20-30 Club’s philanthropic arm, Valley Kids Foundation. Read more about the evening and see photos by Carl Schultz here: [View PDF]

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A Sip of Cruz Tequila

By Patrick Beach

The twice-distilled reposado, the flagship, is aged for some five months in oak barrels for a nutty, buttery nose and mouth feel, with light citrus notes and no burn. That one won Cruz a gold medal in the 2009 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The blanco, more of a mixing tequila, doesn’t have the peppery burn that you get from a lot of lesser products... I’m just sayin’: If you haven’t had it, it’s pretty darn fantastic tequila. Read more on the review here

Cruz article

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An Interview with Patrick Beach

Liquid interview with Cruz Tequila

Select the logo above to see the full interview

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Watch the Cruz Family on FOX News

CRUZ Tequila moves ahead of national brand in sales and shares their business direction with Producer Bil Ossher. To see the entire interview please click on the Fox News logo.

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Tequila 101

Phoenix Magazine February 2010

This month's Phoenix Magazine includes a Tequila 101 primier on their favorite south-of-the-border spirit that showcases both CRUZ Reposado and CRUZ Silver. See highlights of Gwen Ashley Walters feature here: [View PDF]

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Eco-Friendly, Drink Seeker's Dream

Scottsdale Health December 2009

This fall, Scottsdale Health Magazine names CRUZ Tequila the: eco-friendly, drink seeker's dream. Read more of Allison Bailin Batz's interview here: [View PDF]

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CRUZ del Sol Stands As A Testament To
The Rewards Of Knowing Better

JAVA Magazine Fall 2009

Guided by the simple 'we can do better' philosophy, the two along, with Pep's bother Saulo, set out to create a tequila that would leave that bristly burn of youthful regret behind, where it belongs...

Read more of Mark Fink's interview here: [View PDF]

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Limited Release Gift For Those
With Impeccable Taste

Phoenix Magazine Nov 2009

Executive gift set makes the 2009 list and includes an individually numbered bottle of CRUZ Silver along with two hand-blown margarita glasses. Learn more: [View PDF]

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CRUZ Tequila Shrimp And Carne Adovada Showcased At Taste Of Cave Creek

September 24, 2009

Chef and Author Mad Coyote Joe kicks off a wonderful evening of food and entertainment set in the beautiful high Sonoran desert. Learn more: [View PDF]

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International Book of Spirits By Ole Phillipsen Will Include CRUZ Tequila

September 2009

Ole Phillipsen, considered one of the top experts in the spirit industry by foreign manufacturers, will profile CRUZ Tequila in his newest edition.

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Margarita Toffee's Secret Ingredient: CRUZ Tequila Featured On Fox 10

Market Street Toffee & CRUZ Summer 2009

Fox 10 visits Market Street Toffee and learns that locally owned, award winning CRUZ Tequila is key to their popular margarita toffee. Watch the feature below.

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CRUZ Cucumber Margarita Was Absolutely Delicious

New Times 2009/Jonathan McNamara

As a general rule we shy away from non-text book cocktails. Why knock something as classic as the margarita? Here's why: The cucumber margarita was absolutely delicious. [View PDF]